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Magnify Credit Union
UCF Harris Building

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Pedro Figueroa

Titusville. 11.75kwh Install

Solar Ray completed our 11.75 kWh system on time in one day. When they say what they will do they do it. Our system was installed in one day by 6 tech the day was 92 degrees, 76% humidity, and 12 mph winds, they only took one break (lunch).

We had one panel that was a different color than the rest, we brought it to their attention and the next day 2 techs came and washed all 47 panels are the same color.


Ocoee 11.75kwh Install

I was very happy to see that the service level provided by Solar-Ray matched what I saw of the reviews here and on other sites. From the first sales visit (by the President, Mike Brown since the rest of his sales team was booked that day) to the proposal for service, then permitting support, installation, inspection, and after-install follow-ups, I was very impressed with the caliber of the team they have working for the company (Mike, Carl, Lisette, and others) as well as the ultimate product after installation.

Clermont 13.5kw plant
Solar-Ray installed 13.5kw plant with two Sunny-Boy 7kw inverters in Dec-2014 and our Duke energy utility power usage has dropped Significantly since. 

Example: August is typically our Highest electric usage month. 
Aug / 2014 Duke electric bill $638 USD ( Pre-solar ) on 4100 sqft two story home in Clermont Florida. 
Aug / 2015 Duke electric bill $225 USD 
Aug / 2016 Duke electric bill $235 USD


My partner and I were very interested in solar energy and how we could use it to control cost in our retirement years. I went about researching how they held up in bad weather, what it cost to have them removed if the roof needed repair, would the roof need repair, could they stand hail and so forth and so on. I talked to at least three reputable companies, Solar-Ray was among them. The other two companies wanted to sell me micro-inverters as the newest up and coming technology and quire frankly Solar-Rays salesman put me off a bit when I asked him if he was quoting micro-inverter or a single main inverter. He strongly recommended the single inverter but told me he could sell me the micro inverter for the same price.

Quite frankly, Solar-Rays cost per Kilowatt hour was by far the most attractive. I further researched some of their larger construction and calculated what I felt I needed for our property and ordered a system from them.
I couldn't be happier. After about a year and a half we decided after calculating that we had spent during the entire year about $200 additionally during that year for electricity to purchase and additional 4 panels. Our original configuration was 20 panels or about a 5.3 KH system. We moved up to a 6.4 system with the addition of 4 panels and discovered during the next year that we were maxing out just over 5 KW something that did not go unnoticed by Solar Rays staff and president, Michael Brown.

One night he called me and informed me that he too was reviewing our numbers and realized we needed a larger inverter to handle our increased production. He put his team on it and before the end of the week they had replaced our original inverter with one that could handle the increased production. We couldn't be more pleased. I continue to tell my friends about our system and attempt to point out that we aren't creating dollars, we are creating kilowatts and as such as the costs go up they have little or no affect on our bill as we aren't making X amount of dollars of power, we are making X amount of Kilowatts that we will continue to use. 
I know this is long but on a side note its nice to receive a phone call from the CEO of a company, one telling you that the system can do better and making it so and two, saying "I had a tough week and wanted to talk to someone that I know will have good things to say after such a difficult week". 
Summation is they have delivered what they promised and much more. I would recommend to anyone interested in solar energy to contact them

The entire process was professional and simple. HOA even made a comment thanking them for providing exceptionally detailed info making the process raiser than normal. We're enjoying the sunny portal letting us watch the performance of our system! We definitely recommend Solar Ray!

I shopped around for 2 months and received many quotes. Solar-Ray offered me the best price and best equipment. Designated outlet for emergency power is an unmatched option. No other company has offered such technology. Most of them had no idea what I was talking about. Now, even if the grid goes offline, as long as the sun is shining I will have power. Installation crew worked flawlessly. Everything looks and works great. I will recommend Solar-Ray to all my friends.

September 24th 2016
The entire Solar-Ray organization is top notch! I did my due diligence and looked at a number of installers in the Orlando area but based on our experience from initial contact, sales, installation, and followup, I don't believe you'll find any better. 
We were casually interested in doing a solar PV system and happened to find Mike Brown at the Orange County Hurricane event and I quickly realized the benefits of going solar and the depth of experience Mike had on the subject and in the field. 
That was the beginnings of our becoming serious about moving forward with our project.
Mike and Team made the whole process totally painless. Excellent workmanship and design with results that exceeded expectations. 
Very rewarding to see that first $zero usage electric bill 

September 18th 2016

It's been a year since our 10k system was installed by Solar Ray. Our electric monthly average bill used to be 240$ (presolar). 

For the past year, our monthly average was $30 - from February to July, we actually had $0 bills!
Keep in mind, we are a family of 5 adults so we use quite a bit of electricity 

August 24th 2016

Only five stars? I'll give Michael Brown and his crew ten(10) Stars. 
My electric bill has been $ 10.48 monthly for the past seven months, and that is because Duke Energy charges miscellaneous fees.
It doesn't get any better than that!

Michael Brown and his people at Solar Ray are a pleasure to work with. From the planning process to the install, to the computer monitoring setup, and inspection they do it all and do it very professionally. They perform as promised.
Now if only I could get my current electric company to stop dragging their feet and change out the meter so that 
I can actually use my system I'll be happy.

Fast, Easy, Affordable.
Solar-Ray promptly answered all my questions and provided all information that I needed. They provided a written quotation the same day that I met with them...and it was affordable. They were prompt, efficient, courteous, and clean. I was amazed at how quickly they had my system installed and operating!
I've already recommended them to my neighbor and my married daughter.
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